Welcome to knowledge4empowerment! This is a site where critically creative ideas and their links with arenas of action are imagined and explored. After you read and respond to the commentary and contestations posted here, we hope you’ll be inspired to do OUTRAGEOUSLY positive things. The idea is to capture people’s attention and incline them to think differently about themselves in relation to the world as it’s changing.  Of course, this is an ideal outcome, but it’s one that’s worth taking seriously and putting into practice.  Integral to this modus operandi is the maxim: think globally, act locally. With a compelling vision that lets us chart a meaningful path to worthwhile destinations, we can choreograph actions situated on stages that are actually extra-local in their multiple dimensions and coordinates.  That way, it’s possible to learn how to think globally and act extralocally in ways that have ramifications for far-reaching and potentially global  effects. That’s the basic vision that’s intended to challenge you to engage this ambitious project and pursuit.  Let’s dare to imagine the possibilities for transformation and see where we can go with it.