Faye Harrison initiated knowledge4empowerment in June 2011. She is a social researcher and meta-theorist whose educational background exposed her to social anthropology, ethnic and gender studies, and the performing arts.  Her current interests remain interdisciplinary, ranging from the social sciences to the humanities and arts. Since pursuing a life as an intellectual,  her most intensive fieldwork and documentary research have been done in the United States, England, and the Caribbean.  Shorter-term learning pursuits and professional activities have taken her to many other parts of the world–among them Nigeria, South Africa, India, China, and Denmark.  She has published on a wide array of topics related to her  interests in the culture, politics, and political economy of social inequalities; the social and political life of human rights and social justice; intersections of race, gender, class and (trans)national locations; and the history and politics of plural modalities of knowledge. Her publications include Racism & Xenophobia: Race, Gender, & Human Rights and Outsider Within: Reworking Anthropology in the Global Age.

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