Remembering Olive Morris, Black British Activist

The current situation in Great Britain, which has given rise to an urban uprising in several parts of London as well as in other English cities and towns has made me think back to my observations of working class life in the Brixton of the mid-late 1970s.  I went there to investigate the experiences of Caribbean immigrants, … Continue reading

Suriname Bound!

I’m in the middle of making plans to go to Paramaribo, Suriname for the first time.  I’ve been invited to give an intensive, week-long seminar on feminist, indigenous, and other critical research methodologies.  I developed what is to be a module of a year-long methods course that graduate students in the social sciences are required to take … Continue reading

WHAT DOES “TRANSFORMATION” MEAN? Reflections on the Cross-Cultural Glimpses of a Traveler

I had the privilege of spending time in both South Africa and Cuba this past spring.  I was on leave, time release they also call it, from my regular job teaching in a large public university in the southeastern region of the U.S.   I planned to spend the year catching up on my reading and … Continue reading

Cuban Transformation through the Lens of Black Women

This is a sequel to my earlier entry on transformation in Cape Town, South Africa, based on my experiences and observations this past February and March.  As I wrote there, about a month after my return home, I found out about a program that facilitated group travel to Cuba. The particular program was what the educationa travel service called a … Continue reading